A New Era Of Video Games

We have seen the evolution of video games from Pinball, Pacman to Mario and then Mortal Combat, Tekken and now Ultra High Definition games like Far Cry, PUBG and Fornite etc. The games which are mention or reviewed here can be played with our family members or with our friends. Video games are so much popular since the beginning of video games era. Since, the launch of the very first video game “pong” the games are loved and enjoyed by every people across the globe. The huge demand has collected trillions of dollars in revenue from video games. The gaming world is evolving everyday and bringing something new almost every then and now. From Gameboy, to consoles and hand held Nintendo to 4k Computer screens. Now a new era has started which is Virtual Reality Games or often known as VR Games.

VR Headsets and VR Games

vr headset

A Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality or VR technology gives us the freedom to experience a real life environment in a virtual world. As per Wikipedia, Virtual reality (VR) typically refers to advance computer technologies that use virtual reality headsets to generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real life world often known as virtual world.

Virtual Reality Games do give the player real experience of not only playing the game but enjoying the game as he/she is in the middle of the game. You can do many things on a VR headset like, watching movies, watch videos, images. In order to play Virtual Reality Games you must have a good quality VR headset. Click Here to compare and buy headsets. Though headsets costs from $10 to $2000 and some are even $5000. Choosing a good quality VR headset is very important as it will make your gaming experience more better. There are leading companies like Oculus and Samsung which are producing great quality headsets.

Virtual Reality Games

The idea of VR (Virtual Reality) is in the blood of gamers and developers is from very long. Every one is intrigued by the idea of VR Gaming or Virtual Reality Games and everyone hope to enjoy so.  Until last five years even the best VR headsets like Oculus and Samsung are not providing a good hardware to replicate the real like experience as the technology is very new and very expensive. So it costs a lot more for the customer to get a decent quality headset. As if now this industry is growing a lot more rapidly then ever and with the rising competition we will soon get these kits for much cheaper. Game developers are using this opportunity to create and develop lot of diverse games for VR.

A boy playing Virtual Reality Game

Now as the demand for VR gaming is increasing day by day people are almost going crazy for the games. New demands are arising of VR Porn Games and why not? people love porn in everything. They enjoy porn to an extent that almost 70% of the internet is full of porn videos and porn games. There are many competitors in this industry also which are competing neck to neck. VR Porn Game is the leader in providing all the porn games to the VR headsets and to all the user. They have many games in different categories. They are known to be the best in their class, users trust them so much that they  have five stars rating overall for their games. It gives a real life fun to play and do anything with any girl you like. You can also customize each girl and her’s body parts.

The Future Of Gaming

What will be the future of gaming? Who knows but the experts can speculate so. The games and gaming industry has evolving at almost the speed of light. The growth in this industry is so rapid and overwhelming that it is very hard to predict. There are so many common thoughts among the developers and players.

The future might be different of what we think. We think that we will be thrown in a virtual world and move like a video game character. But hold on this is not going to happen in the near future or even in the decades.  Many experts says that there will be a line and sense between the real world and the gaming world. If we went against the rule of the nature the results will be devastating.  Without a doubt gaming industry will keep on flourishing even more in the future and will generate trillions and trillions of dollars in revenue only because we enjoy gaming so damn much.

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